About Rosalia


Usui School Reiki Master
Sacred Space Doula Trainer
Birthing from Within Mentor
Breastfeeding Facilitator and Enthusiast
Deep Tissue Therapeutic and Indian Head Masseuse

I have a passion for all things natural and holistic. My love for children has definitely shaped my life and my choice of career as a doula and healer best allows me to live my passion.

I trained as a doula in 2003 while expecting my second child, Skyla. I had a previous birth by necessary caesarean for my son Davin so I was aiming at having a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). Upon having had a successful natural waterbirth with my daughter I decided to follow my bliss and become a doula. I also trained in America to become a Birthing From Within Mentor and childbirth educator.

Since my initial training I have continued updating and expanding my education so that I can draw from a multitude of skills to help mothers during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
I have trained and complete a therapeutic massage course with Rudi Baker of Healing hands. Thereafter I underwent a year Reiki masters training at The Grange under the loving and watchful eyes of Fay and Michael Jeffery. I then turned back to the arts concerning mothering and attended a 3 day lactation management course with Brenda Pierce and Brenda Campbell. I attended a home birthing doula workshop with The Village Workshops and Maria Sterrenberg, whom I co-trained alongside from 2005 till 2009.
I attended an advanced doula training in Mozambique with Amsterdam Obstetric acupunturist Jacky Bloemraad-de Boer. We covered a multitude of skills to aid labour and birth amongst which I learnt acupressure, reflexology, rebozo,  polarity, moxibustion and cupping.  These techniques are useful for general well-being as well as a natural induction method, helping with difficult or slow to start labours and positioning babies into a good position for birth. I attended a workshop with well known waterbirth midwife Laura van Deth from Holland and learnt new ways of using water during pregnancy and birth.
I also was instrumental in bringing Russian conscious birth advocate  Elena Tonetti to South Africa and attended her 2 day limbic imprinting workshop. Just recently I also facilitated Canadian Jodi Hall from A Safe Passage visit to South Africa and attended her empowering workshop for abuse survivors. Currently I am apprenticing as a facilitator with Birthing From Within and have co-facilitated workshops in South Africa.

I currently offer doula training based on the Birthing From Within philosophy through my own Sacred Space Doula workshops. I am constantly encouraged by the determination and high level of commitment that the doulas that pass through my training are willing to offer. Sacred Space doulas are becoming known as doulas that make a difference.

I have been honoured to be invited into the sacred space of birthing mothers to assist and support them in their journey into parenthood. I believe in honouring this time old process and giving whatever support and encouragement is necessary to each individual mother as they are birthing.

I believe in living in the moment so that I am fully open to receive the miracles of what is happening right now. This practice has served me well in countless situations including birth as I am able to remain present and focused on what is unfolding and therefore give what is necessary to each moment.

All women need encouragement and acceptance of what is happening to them and I strive to provide this in an individualized manner to all. I believe that birth is a natural process that works best when less interfered with but I am also open to whatever needs to unfold. I currently live in Finland and am studying towards becoming a Certified Burse Midwife so that I can begin my life work offering home birthing options in my new adoptive country!

Love and light


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