Birth related web links

This is a list of links to other web sites with relevant content that you may find of interest.

My links

  • My Doula Blog with birth info, comments and links to serious and fun video clips on the net.
  • My VBAC Forum a e-mail support group for women about vaginal birth after one or more cesarean births.

South African Links

  • DOSA - Doula Organization of South Africa -  all you need to know
  • WOMBS - Women offering mothers birth support in CP and KZN
  • Homebirth – a website dedicated to giving birth in South Africa
  • Breastfeeding – Gauteng breastfeeding information and resources
  • Earthbabies – Products for naturally nurtured babies
  • BabyNature – For Natural Remedies from Pregnancy to Birth
  • Sister Lilian – Answers from well-known South African midwife and educator
  • Pure Beginnings – South Africa’s exclusive range of organic baby care products
  • Kids on the go – For necessary information during the Child’s growing years
  • Birth support – A local doula’s website with great and handy information
  • Biobaba – The eco-friendly re-useable nappy with a difference
  • Birth Works – About the empowerment of birth with shop, forums and more
  • SAMBA – South African multiple birth association
  • PNDSA – Post natal depression support association
  • Birthways -  Information on various ways mothers may choose to birth in S.A.
  • Mother Instinct – Birthing the way nature intended


International Links

  • Michel OdentLooks at the highly adaptable, vulnerable period inside the womb
  • Gloria Lemay – Birth freedom is an idea whose time has come
  • Leslynotes – Resource for personal change, childbirth education and good health
  • Midwifery Today – America’s heart and science of birth
  • Birth Source- Your one source for childbirth and parenting information.
  • Birthing the Future – The site about birth activist Suzanne Arms
  • Life Passages – Publishing and Childbirth Consulting Services
  • Childbirth Connection – Helping you make informed maternity care decisions
  • Birth psychology – Explore the mental and emotional dimensions of childbearing
  • Dr Jack Newman – Empowering parents by ensuring they receive the most up-to-date information to assist them with their breastfeeding baby
  • WHO – World Health Organization guidelines on normal labour and childbirth
  • Kellymom - breastfeding and parenting support
  • ICAN -Preventing unnecesary caesareans through education
  • Choices in Childbirth – Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting information
  • Birthing naturally – Natural childbirth directory