Breastfeeding support

breastfeedingWe offer Breast feeding facilitation for moms who have the desire to give their children the best start in life that they can, the way mother nature intended it. Sometimes Breast feeding is not possible and we can offer guidance there as well.
Some moms are just too good at making breast milk and would like to find out how they can donate milk to less fortunate babies, those orphaned or born to HIV positive mothers.

For any queries, problem solving or just some pure and simple reassurance please go to our providers page for a qualified lactation consultant

Common queries

  • My nipples are sore
  • My breasts are engorged and hard to the touch
  • The cabbage leaves really smell awful, is there an alternative?
  • My baby is feeding every hour and doesn’t seem to get enough
  • I have tried to express milk but nothing comes out
  • My partner wants to fondle my breasts but I don’t feel like it
  • Am I making enough milk for my baby? (almost always a YES, there are simple checks)
  • I have just expressed milk as my new-born is not latching on yet but it is yellow (that is a good sign, the first few feeds are colostrum and precious to the baby, many newborn babies will take the expressed colostrum from a spoon if latching is not yet worked out)
  • I want to donate breastmilk.

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